Friday, December 21, 2012

007 + Giveaway Reminder

In honor of James Bond, I have come up with this manicure which I absolutely love. I hope you love it just as much as I do!

I hope you are able to see the little gun. I was inspired by this picture:

I used a basic black polish and Goldeneye from the OPI Skyfall collection and I can't even tell you how amazingly gorgeous that polish is. Unfortunately, it doesn't work well with my skin tone and that will going to my swap pile.

I don't know about you but I'm actually not really a James Bond fan. I have never seen a single James Bond movie, but if you're interested, and are a Bond fan, check out the top 5 grossing Bond movies. $900 million dollars? That is crazy. It's making me wonder if I'm missing out on something.

By the way, can you believe that Christmas is only 3 days away?! This month has definitely gone by!

What do you think? Are you a Bond fan?

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  1. That's pretty cool. I'm a huge James Bond fan and those are nails that would make a Bond-girl proud!
    I think you did a good job on the gun, very cool.

  2. That is so pretty - and very festive!! Well done!

  3. I can't believe you haven't seen a 007 movie yet! I love them! What else I love is this mani! How did you do the gun? Freehand or a stamp?

    1. All free hand. Maybe I should note that! (= Thanks!

    2. That's amazing! Ugh I wish it wasn't I would have bought that stamp in a heart beat!

  4. This is absolutely awesome, Anna!!! :D

  5. Love this mani !! Nope, not a Bond fan but I've watched every movie except Skyfall lol