Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: Splatter Mani

My apologies for missing last week. If any of you have taken a summer course, you would know that it's a pain in the membrane!

This week's theme was a real challenge. A while ago when I first started blogging, I did a splatter mani, you can see that here. After attempting that not so great one, I decided that I would never ever do a splatter mani again. 1. It took way too long to try to get the splatters right, 2. The clean up was pain. So here is my new and sort of improved version besides the knick on index.

I tried to mattify it, but the mattifying top coat that I used took so long. But I hope you like this look. The whole free hand splatter probably doesn't look at legit, but I enjoyed this and adore the color combo! Let me know what you think!


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  1. These are cute! I love the colors all together that you used in this mani!

  2. I agree, the colours are perfect.

  3. I was half tempted to a splatter like this, especially because I hate the cleanup! I love these colors!

  4. Love your 'splatter'!! And the colors are great together!

  5. This is an adorable splatter! I wish I had a steady enough had to "splatter" the way you do ;)

  6. I love this splatter look! So cool!

  7. love your splatter look! hate the cleanup of a normal splatter.

  8. Love the color combo :) yes the only thing I hate doing splatter nails is cleaning up!! Omg it takes forever lol !!

  9. Those splatters are really cute, they kind of look like hey might belong in a comic strip with names and all LOL

  10. Aw your splatters are too cute! Great color choices :D

  11. Love the blue and green. This looks great!

  12. This is great! I've taken this route myself before. And I love the accent nail!

  13. Cute! I thought about going this route too. :)