Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: Most Hated Trend

I don't own any polishes that I absolutely hate, and I have already featured the crackle trend here once before, so instead of not posting at all, I thought I would share anyways, just not on my nails. I hope you enjoy this!

For the moment of truth, I absolutely dislike, hate the duck feet nail trend (one of the many).

I honestly don't care how cute the nails are, or how cute the designs may be, but there is something about this trend that makes me want to vomit. But hey, to each their own! I have no problem with it on anyone else's nails, but you'll never see me with anything like this on my nails.

What are some of your hated trends?

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*Disclaimer: These nails are not my own.*


  1. i have to agree, i really dislike this trend to, i dont understand how people can have their nails like this :/


  2. *shudders* Those things are just plain nasty

  3. These are so ugly, I commend you for not actually recreating them on your nails!

  4. This "trend"....I just don't get. I'm right there with ya on this one!!

  5. I don't understand this look. It's just ugly.

  6. I dislike those flared nails. It looks ugly. Also the super pointy long stiletto nails. those look like weapons.

  7. Ew, I dislike this trend very much. I don't really like flocking, it seems like when you wash your hands the flocking powder would stay wet haha!

  8. I'd always assumed nails just looked like this because the technicians weren't very good at doing acrylics...I didn't realise it was intentional. Goodness.

  9. It's funny because I think the designs on these are super cute, but the nail shape has got to GO!

  10. It's extremely ugly and looks ridiculous!

  11. lmao I'm with you all the way with the duck nails!

  12. Twinsies! I did the same thing! lol

  13. These are really horrendous! I hate this trend too!!