Monday, February 24, 2014

MM (Makeup Monday): Ipsy VS BirchBox

Hello to another Makeup Monday post! Sorry for my absence. I feel horrible! None the less, I present to you my monthly subscription. Ipsy and BirchBox.

 As usual, it comes in a cute little zip baggy. 

City Color Blush in Fresh Melon 
The color is not accurate however, it's a gorgeous blush! It's a pinky melon color,
and a great size. It's about the size of your palm! Totally worth it.

 J. Cat Beauty Eyelash
Includes eyelash adhesive. You can never go wrong with lashes!

 Mally Beauty Evercolor Waterproof Eyeliner in Starlight
My first Mally Beauty product, however, in my Ipsy bags, I always get a silver liner
and I can't seem to understand why. Every eyeliner I've gotten so far is silver, but hey,
it's a full size liner, I can't complain!

Pop Beauty Lipgloss in Peony Petal
Gorgeous color and perfect for Spring! It's a pinky color and applies like butter! 
It's .14 oz but it will definitely last me a long time!

Lastly, a Zoya polish.
Unfortunately, my battery conveniently died on me. However, this is a full size 
Zoya polish from the Naturel Collection. An Orchid Maroon color, and just
my cup of tea! This alone is $9. What do you think?

So onto Birch Box. 

I didn't even want to take photos but here is small decription. For the Smashbox Mascara, it was a deluxe mini. The OPI top coat was a mini as well. The Smashbox Palette was a piece of sample, on a paper. The Agave oil was a mini deluxe as well and barely enough to see if it made a difference with my hair. The Cleanser was a mini as well.

I have been really disappointed with Birch Box these past few months and finally decided to cancel. Hence the reason I didn't even waste my time taking pictures to show you.

So finally, Ipsy takes the cake. Like always. There have been some months that weren't so great but I am very happy over all. Both of these subscriptions are $10, but seriously, I'm really getting my money's worth with Ipsy, so gladly I cancalled Birch Box and will stay subscribed to Ipsy.

Are you ladies subscribed to these services at all? What do you think?

If you interested in subscribing to Ipsy, click here for my referral link. Otherwise, check it out here!

*Both services are purchased with my own money.*


  1. I had the same experience! Birch Box just wasn't worth the money. I hope they can keep the quality of ipsy going for the price!

  2. I'm glad Ipsy is working well for you! It definitely seems more worth it :D That Zoya polish is gorgeous!

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