Monday, March 5, 2012

Conducting An Experiment

So I'm not sure if many of you know this method of removing your glitter nail polish but I thought I would give it a try. First, I did the regular cotton ball with remover and boy, with only one finger down I was getting pretty agitated already. Then DING (thanks to YT) - try the foil method! It was a little hard to do my right hand, then again, when is it not? And this is how it looks like.

Sort of funky huh?

The results.

You can find many tutorials on YouTube. It's really easy and works great! I let it soak for no more than 3 minutes. Since I was working on the other nails, that allowed for the extra time already. And with one swipe as I pulled away the wrapped foil from the nail, everything came off. Not a single trace of polish remained! This is going to be my new way to remove glitter polish, since those of you who have used glitter polishes know it's a pain to remove. So give it a try you haven't already!

Do you have any other methods that work for you?


  1. I love the foil method!

    1. I finally tried it for the first time - and Im ALWAYS going to do this now!

  2. yep i do this... i hate wearing glitter on fingers but i do often on toes cos pedi lasts FOREVER so this is the method of removal for me for sure!! x

  3. Part of the reason why I dislike glitter polishes is the removal. I've heard about the foil method but I was always nervous it would be rough on my skin. Did you have any issues with that?

  4. I also would avoid glitter nail polish for the removal reason, even though I love glitter :) The foil method worked like a dream, it came right off, I was shocked it worked as well as it did! I wouldn't hesitate to use the foil method again. But since I'm right handed I had trouble getting the cotton ball around and then the foil to wrap/stay still on my nail..!!