Monday, July 30, 2012

Born 2 Pansy

I might have told you too many times that I love Jessica polishes. Sorry incase you're tired of hearing it, but I will say it again! I love me some Jessica's!

I have recently seen Jessica's at my local TJ Maxx, so you should check yours out incase they have them in. You can also purchase Jessica's here and Ninja Polish carries them as well. You can find them here.

But if you don't want to spend any money, check out my Jessica 200+ Followers Giveaway!

Soon as you apply these on your nails, you'll be wanting to own more!

Jessica Born 2 Pansy is a soft semi-sheer pale lilac color with many little glassfleck shimmers. The formula was perfect in 2 coats.

Born 2 Pansy was so hard to capture. The pictures here do no justice. The beauty of this polish in real life in amazing! You see all those little white speckles? Those little speckles are blue sort of glassfleck glitters which are almost duochrome. In some lighting, the shimmer turns into a purply-pink color. But just picture that. Gorgeous much? 

Have you been wanting to try some Jessica's?


  1. OEHHHHOOHH it's gorgeous - and as it happens this is in a swap for me - yay, now I look even more forward to it!!
    Thanks for sharing this gorgeous polish!

  2. That polish is so pretty!!! I wish they sold this brand here :(

  3. Love this! Jessica makes such great polishes!

  4. This is so gorgeous!! :D