Friday, July 20, 2012

What? Zoya For A Penny?

Yes, you heard that alright!

Thanks to Brandi over at The Collegiate Nail for introducing me to this; What is this Copious that I speak of? " is social marketplace for buying from and selling to people." Simple as that. It's like a better version of eBay!

After clicking on the invitation, I created an account and that wonderful $10.00 was mine to spend on anything, whatever I wanted! They have many brands varying from Zoya, OPI, Nubar and China Glaze. It really depends on what people are selling.

With that, this is what I purchased my $10.00 credit on.

Yes, the famous Zoya Ivanka. Such a lovely color. This beautiful green-gold almost blue glass flecked polish. No one does glass flecks better than Zoya, hands down! And on top of that, the formula was perfect!

Now onto what you are looking for, the $10.00.

Just click here for the personal invitation.

This is a personal invite and that is the only way that you are able to receive your free $10.00 credit. Once you checkout, will charge you a single $.01 (penny) just to make sure you are human. How awesome is that?

Now what are you waiting for?! Go get that free $10.00 credit!

So what did you end up purchasing?

*This  is my personal referral link above, and I receive a free $5.00 credit on if  you use it
 and complete a transaction. After signing up, you can give others your referral link as well and get $5.00 for each invite.*