Friday, April 5, 2013

More Darling Divas

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These are the rest of the goodies that I am extremely excited to you guys! Carrie is one of the sweetest person I know and her polishes are always amazing. While all of her collections have always been amazing, this recent collection that she came out with just blows me out of the water. They're unique and nothing that I have seen around with other indies.

Cheer Bear 

Care Bear Stare

Shadow Puppets


I have to say, I think that this is one of her most amazing collections thus far. There are glitter ones, a while based polish and a holo polish. And the best part yet is that they're different.

Of all the polishes in this collection, Catherine is seriously my favorite. Catherine isn't like your regular holo polish. It's super opaque and covered in one coat - except I did 2 just because. But the best part is that it has purple/blue iridescent glitters. Hopefully you are able to see it in the photo above. This was the only picture where I was able to catch the soft holo and the purple/blue iridescent glitters. Hopefully you get the gist of it. Unfortunately, this picture still does no justice. You really need this one in your life.

In conclusion, I am blown away by this collection. They applied like butter, and they're simply amazing. Not only is this collection perfect for Spring but for every season as well. Carrie's inspiration for this collection was a great idea and her interpretation of each bear turned out great.

If you're interested in these polishes or other Darling Diva Polishes you can visit her Etsy shop here. Her polishes retail between $8 -$12. I also highly recommend that you "Like" her Facebook page to keep updated on her shop and future polishes here as well as participate in her random giveaways there. So go check it out! 


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  1. They are so lovely - but Catherine is super gorgeous!

  2. Those are some pretty polishes! I especially like Cheer Bear and Catherine! :D

    ~ Yun

  3. These are really cute! My favourite is Shadow Puppets, it's so pretty!

  4. The glitters are so adorable, and oh my gosh, Catherine is sooo pretty. Totally can see the iridescent flash, and I love it!

  5. Care Bear Stare is my fave out of the bunch but others are lovely too! :)

  6. These are really pretty! I can't decide which one I like them most!!

  7. OH MY! LOVE these! Especially shadow puppets!!!