Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Question Time!

What kind and where do you purchase your aqua base for some lovely holos?

Please comment and let me know!


  1. I bought some FNUG aqua base from Llarowe. I did a few swatchsicles for comparison, and I couldn't see any difference in the strength of the holo. Also, when I painted the linear holo over the top, the aqua base wrinkled and split.

    That said, I don't know if the problem was that my holos were a different brand, and that was designed specifically to go with FNUG holos, if I did something wrong, or if it only works on real nails and not swatchsicles.

    I hope you get some good input... I'd like to know, too.

  2. I use Make Up Stores Aqua Base that I buy in their physical stores. I haven't been anything but pleased with it :)

  3. I use Nfu Oh Aqua Base that I bought from Viis.ee works really well.

  4. I have ridges and my base coat is always a ridge filler - and they work great for holos. I usually wear NailTek Ridge Filling Foundation...

  5. Ok, so now I have to ask, what is aqua base?

    1. Its a base polish for holos to enhance the holo-ness in holo polishes, if that makes sense. LOL

  6. I have the NFU-OH aqua base. It's the only one I have and it works with all holo's and I love it:) I got it online at nail polish Canada

  7. You can get Nfu Oh aqua base at fabulousstreet.com for $12.50. It's in something like the "prep & treatments" category (forgot what it's called, despite looking it up not 30 seconds ago ;p). Haven't tried it myself, but I've ordered from them before and had no problems.