Friday, January 24, 2014


I was contacted by a sweet reader about wanting to do a swap. And once I received this package, I was so excited I went forth with it

Left to right clockwise:
Catrice Shopping Day at Bluemindales, Mermaid My Day, Lilactric, Mint Me up,
Squeeze Me, Kiko 371

Top row:  The Boy Next Door, Waka Waka, Hello Marshmallow!
Bottom row: L.OL., Oh My Glitter!, If I Were a Boy

An extra goodie

She also sent me some candies which I didn't photograph but I had a lot of fun eating them! She added the extra Essence palette because there was a mix up with the swap. None the less, I am so happy about this package. I don't own man Catrice polishes so I am so stoked to try these! Let me know which polishes you would like to see first so I can get the swatching and the trying!



  1. These polishes look awesome! I've always wanted to try Catrice. I got my first Essence polishes this summer at ULTA. I just love Oh My Glitter! and Hello Marshmallow! in the bottle. They are so pretty.

  2. So many beauties. I think that both Catrice and Essence are very good value for the money...

  3. Aw how sweet! These look great! I love the look of the polishes!

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