Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Nail Care Routine

I'm excited about this post since it's a little different from what we usually do. I don't have a really intricate routine like others may, but this is what I do and it's what works for me!

Beware, there are no pictures. Sorry.

  • Removing an old man is always first right? I use the 100% Acetone Equatte Nail Polish Remover mixed with glycerin and water. And I absolutely love this because I dread and passionately dislike the little cotton threads leftover from cotton rounds and balls. And yes, this works wonders just like the Zoya+.
  • Then I wash my hands for about a 1-2 minutes with warm water and hand soap. While washing my hands, I push back my cuticles.
  • After drying I use a cuticle remover and use a tool like this to push away those little cuticles. 
  • While washing away the cuticles that were removed, I use a nail brush to brush away any excess cuticles hanging around.
  • After, I wash my hands and lotion them with the Suave Advanced Therapy Lotion. I like this one because it's a thinner consistency and I never want my nails to look oily when I photograph them.
  • Upon applying lotion, I use the Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream and apply then around my cuticles to prep for polishing!
  • After rubbing in the the cream, I use this cheap eyeshadow brush and dip it into the Beauty Secrets 100% acetone and quickly run it on my nails to remove the oils from the lotion or cuticle cream.
  • Then I get to the polishing! After polishing, I use the HK Girl Topcoat. Works just like Seche Vite but less harmful! 
  • After a good topcoat, I use the OPI Drip Dry to top it off.

And viola! My mani is ready to go! 

This is my ritual of prepping nails for a post and a mani. Not all of these items are apart of my Holy Grail must always have because I'm still trying out new hand products. In the mean time, this is how I do it and what I use.

What are some of your nail care products/steps that are different than mine?

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  1. Great routine! I've heard many good things about that Burt's Bees butter.

  2. Your routine sounds pretty great! I also have the Burt's Bees cuticle cream and I really like it. It's soft and smells fresh.

  3. Ohh! I like the step of using an eye-shadow brush in acetone to remove whats left of the lotions on your nails. I may have to start doing that!

  4. Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream is awesome!!

  5. I need to try the HK Girl Top Coat. I hear such great things about it! I love the Burts Bees cuticle cream too!

  6. Using an eye shadow brush is a really good trick! And I love that Burts cream too!

  7. great routine! I use an eyeshadow brush for my edges but a q-tip to remove any access oil.

  8. Awesome routine! That HK Girl Top Coat sounds like a great alternative :D

  9. I've been wanting to try mixing glycerin into my acetone. I've heard it's wonderful!

  10. I've always wondered about that OPI Drying Mist. Thanks for the info.

  11. I've always wondered about that OPI Drying Mist. Thanks for the info.

  12. Love HK Girls topcoat! Its amazing, I personally think it works better than seche!

  13. Great post Anna!!!! Love that I'm not the only one with a straightforward and simple routine! :)

  14. Great post Anna!!!! Love that I'm not the only one with a straightforward and simple routine! :)

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