Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Windestine Spring 2012 Collection

I am really in love with these four. I don't see too many Windestine polishes around but they certainly need more exposure and more loving!

When <3's Collide
Look at that squishy black jelly! I thought it was a regular black
jelly polish with pastel white shard glitters but no! Surprise! Check
it out! Those blue iridescent shard glitters. Almost had me to die!

Crushed Rose in Spring 
This jelly sage green with pink, white and yellow pastel glitters
is simply beautiful and perfect for Spring!

A pale pink with multi colored hex and square glitters in various sizes.

Rainy Day Blues
A blue jelly with blue hex and bar glitters with holographic
glitters! Gorgeous! Look at the holo glitter!
This entire collection is amazing and applied wonderfully! 2 coats and it was pretty opaque. These are all buildable and could use another coat or an undie. All four dried quickly and have great wear time. 

I personally would wear all of these with a colored base coat just because I want to conserve them, but other than that, I loved all of these!

You can find Windestine polishes here at her Etsy shop. Her polishes range from around $8.

So which of these are your favorite?

*This product was provided for  for my honest, unbiased review. Please see PR Disclosure for any questions.*


  1. They are lovely - but so dusty and subdued that I get a fall vibe when I see this palette...

  2. This is a REALLY fun collection - love the peach one!

  3. These are gorgeous! I especially love When <3's Collide and Rainy Day Blues.