Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

It’s a little past Christmas, but oh well. (= I hope that all of you had a great time and awesome gifts. I had an extraordinary time with my family. Opened a few gifts and later spent family time and played games. Tons of fun! I wish we did this more often like we to use to do. Now, we only get together because of special occasions which are a little unfortunate but it happens. Needless to say I am extremely blessed not only with my family but a family of my very own. 

It was his first Christmas ever! Too bad he doesn’t know how to open his gifts but I am sure he loves it, at least he seems to. But this little guy here is growing up so fast! It seemed like just the other day he was wearing newborn size diaper and now he’s in 3’s. I like to think that I’m the only woman in his life, but that would be a lie. So for now, I am embracing every previous moment with him.
Well, I hope you had a blessed day!

What did you do for Christmas?

Did I forget to mention we had some very yummy pho?


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