Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Color Club Deal

I wanted to share this quickly before the deal is over!

So it's a pack of 6 Color Club nail polishes for $16 + $3 in shipping. Essentially then you're only paying a little over $3 per polish. I think that this is a GREAT deal and an awesome way to try out Color Club if you haven't before you simply don't have access.

With that said, click here if you are interested.
And if you don't mind, here is my referral link:
I'll get $10 Groupon bucks with your help of using my link!

So, are you gonna purchase them at all?

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  1. What a good deal! Thank you for the heads-up :) I just bought my first two Color Club nail polishes a couple of weeks ago... Don't think I'll be taking advantage of this groupon (grr I got burned by them once!!! I think it was a one-off, lots of my friends have used them successfully since then), but this is a wonderful opportunity for those trying to build up their nail polish collection!

    1. I remember! I think you bought yours at BB & B? (=

  2. Hey hun, great blog you got ! Loving it . Would love if you came by my blog sometime as well. I have a giveaway going on at the moment actually!