Monday, May 21, 2012

Number One Nemesis Dupe

I know I recently just posted a comparison a few days ago but I could not wait to share this with you all! As you recently know OPI Number One Nemesis was released with The Spiderman collection, which is the most recent collection released. I received this polish a while ago when I was one of the few thousands who were lucky enough to get the certificate for $20 a while back during Mother's day. While skimming through my collection, I noticed that the recent Jessica polish I purchased looked a lot like Number One Nemesis.

 Index and ring: OPI Number One Nemesis
Middle and pinky: Jessica Smoky Feather

Left: OPI Number One Nemesis
Right: Jessica Smoky Feather

Both polishes are a deep greenish-charcoal grey micro-shimmer almost glitter looking. There's charcoal, gold, green, a silvery color, and an ever slight hint of blue.

So, I present to you Jessica Smoky Feather. I'm not sure where you can purchase these polishes but I buy mine from a local nail supply. But you can purchase Jessica polishes here. Both polishes were 2 coats although Smoky Feather is a lot more opaque than Number One Nemesis. Both polishes applied like butter, very smooth. The only difference that I see, is that Number One Nemesis has a slightly darker base but from a far, you could hardly tell. Smoky Feather is also glossier with no topcoat applied. Other than that, you can be the judge. As for me, I would say that Smoky Feather is close enough to be a dupe.

What you would say? Nay or yay?


  1. I think you can safely call these two dupes! Both are attempting to dupe Chanel's Graphite, so I am not surprised!

    1. You know, Im not even all that crazy about Graphite. Eh. Thats just me.

  2. These are both so gorgeous!! I want! :D

  3. Awesome comparison! You hit every angle to show how intricate the colors are. Beautiful!

  4. Totally close enough to call 'em dupes! Jessica's just a tiny bit lighter from a couple of angles, but they really are ringers--certainly dupe enough to fool anyone who's not zooming in for comparison! ;)

  5. I agree - they are dupes, I cannot tell the difference!
    And gorgeous both of them!

  6. so pretty! i need one of these right this second!

  7. They're exactly the same, well spotted & thanks for sharing :)

  8. love this color! definitely a yay for me! :)