Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tony Moly Swap?

Do I have any readers with access to Tony Moly polishes? If so, would you be interested in a swap? Please email me if you're interested!

If any of you other readers have any Tony Moly polishes, where do you purchase yours? I really want to try some out. If you would be kind enough to leave some links, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks much,


  1. ebay all the way. i have no idea how else to get them.

    That's one i've purchased from before, think they were the cheapest with shipping to NZ

    I also just bought some more from this shop, but they haven't arrived yet so can't give any feedback yet:

    good luck

  2. yep - ebay. i think they're only available in like singapore or something. i have 3 and all have been purchased on ebay.

  3. Thanks ladies for letting me know! (=

  4. Can't help but laugh at this...I've been wrestling with myself over ordering the TM Galaxy collex for weeks now....oh Ebay-it's so so bad for my wallet!

  5. Ebay's an enabler! Here's some links where I got mine; they all sent awesome free samples:

    Tony Moly Jupiter:

    Tony Moly Shooting Star:

    Tony Moly Pinky Star: