Saturday, November 17, 2012

Guest Post from All That Is Gorgeous

Since my wonked up nails are still recovering I present to you:

My Twinsie, and awesome polish friend Jennifer from All That Is Gorgeous. She is just way too sweet for sharing this lovely goodness on my blog! And seriously, her nails and manis really are gorgeous! They're perfect! Just take a look!

 HELLO GoingtotheShowing readers!!!!

I am here to bring a fun little indie to show y'all while Anna's nail mends!  Bummer!  I cannot stand it when I break a nail, cut them too short, or cut them wonky!

This little bottle of fun is Lush Lacquer Paradise Cove!  Paradise Cove has a sheer brown base with hex and bar glitter in teal and copper with a dash of some gorgeous iridescent glitter!

For this mani, I wore one coat of Paradise Cove and Essie Mink Muffs undies!  I really love this polish layered over the creme chocolate brown!!

Paradise Cove was a cinch to apply!  The glitter distributed evenly over the nail and no fishing was required! 

Thank you, Anna for having me visit your blog while your nail recovers!


I really need to get my hands on some Lush Lacquers. Seriously, Paradise Cove such a beauty? Great distribution and no fishing for glitter. We definitely need all indies to be like that. I am truly in love with this combo Jenn! Thanks so much for sharing this beauty here! Thank you!

Can I get a yes for more Lush Lacquers?! YES, please!

On the flip side, my nails are starting to look a little better. My nails grow uberly slow and are very thin and frail. It really sucks, but it's what I've got to work with. Some people said that there is some kind of vitamin out there that helps with nail growth, anyone know what I'm talking about? Anyone take anything for nail strength or growth?

Also, I apologize for my lack of interaction here lately. There's only 1 month of this semester left, and you know what that means. Exams, presentations, papers and projects, you know that's always fun! Soon as that's done, I'll be all over the place! Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Anywho, I am so grateful for Jenn sharing this on my blog and with you! Killer combo right? Lovely, right?


  1. This is such a cute polish! Very colourful but not in your face about it, and I love that brown base. Also, I am now prepared to confess to a long-standing crush on Jenn's nail beds. ;)

    Are you maybe thinking of biotin, Anna? I've read it's supposed to help promote hair and nail growth, but I don't have any personal experience with it to report. Have some in the kitchen I never took, though, so...let the experiment begin!

    1. I think it is biotin, I wonder!! Keep me posted when you take it!

  2. It's a lovely polish - and it makes me think of chocolate too LOL