Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Twinsie Tuesday: Oldest Polish

Please pardon my delay.

Now has got to one of these worst polishes I have ever purchased.

This Rimmel polish is about 9 years old. Yes, I remember exactly what year I bought because I went with my sisters. This is my of oldest and very first polishes ever purchased. And while I thought this polish was absolutely gorgeous, I honestly don't remember even using is at all. And the weird thing is that it shows some usage. I'm surprised I even kept it all these years!

This is a straight up metallic, super brush-stroky, almost mirror like blue with a slight duochrome finish. I'm sure you can see the brush strokes. And you can maybe see some hints of the golden duochrome.

The application was a bit thick considering the age. It applied smoothly but was very brush stroky.

The bottles have changed a bit over the years. They now look like this:


Not that big of a difference but noticeable I would say. They also have that wide brush as it seems.

Would I ever wear this again? Never.

What's one of your oldest polishes?

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  1. Funny thing is, although i don't have my "old" polishes anymore - I am pretty sure my fav was a multicoloured glitter LOL Some things never change!

  2. I've thrown out a lot of my old nail polishes, and I am kicking myself over it now! But I know I have a few that are at least 6 or 7 years old...

  3. Love it! My oldest polish is a pink tinted off white. And its almost at hte very bottom of the bottle. I did have to add some thinner last time I used it.

  4. LOL formulas change - but I bet it was nice back then.
    Oh I wish I had some of my first polishes back from the 60'es - but I threw it all away about a year before I started doing my nails again - arrrg....

  5. I enjoyed this post :) you've given me inspiration to do a blog post about my oldest polishes - thank you!!

  6. That polish is beautiful. Try thinning it and next time apply the first coat let dry then apply topcoat after dry then apply another coat of the polish. See if that helps with the application :)

  7. My oldest polishes are Covergirl Jolted Jade (kind of a frosty aqua-sea foam color) and Afterthoughts Sleepwalker (frosty coral-y orange with a golden sheen to it). I got them in high school so I could do a rainbow manicure. I graduated in 2003, so that makes these polishes at least 12 years old!

  8. I have a couple of old Rimmel ones too - namely 'Exotica' - don't remember ever NOT having it, it's that old. It's cherry red with gold flecks & applies like a dream! I have an old Catrice Just Seconds... polish too in a very odd little bottle - also applies like a dream, weirdly. I WISH I had all my old Spectaculars, Lancomes & Stargazers - I rue the day I threw them all out!!!

  9. it might be good for frankening...possibly.