Saturday, January 26, 2013

An Update

I apologize for my absence. I am alive and well. My little family and I have had to suddenly move and my computer isn't set up yet. But I should be up and running in no time! By mid next week at the latest. Hopefully we get settled in this weekend!

Well, I hope you all have been having a great week so far!

Also, once I'm back, I'll be announcing the DDP giveaway! So stay tuned!

My apologies,


  1. It's good to hear that you will be back soon - hugs :)

  2. Glad to know you are fine, see ya soon!!!

  3. I'm glad to hear you're doing ok! Good luck with the move, I hope you can get settled soon <3

  4. Oh no!!! D: I hope that everything is okay Anna!!!! *Super hugs!*

  5. Hope everything's starting to settle down for you, Anna, and that the move went well. Also, ooh! Happy 900 Blog Followers!!