Thursday, January 10, 2013

Windestine Review

I have been honored to be reviewing some of thee most amazing indie brands lately and so today I bring to you Windestine.

A nice coral/pink creme with a hint of shimmer and holo micro glitter.
Please note that she does dislose that there is slight sinking glitter.

Crushed Rose
Matte yellow and pink glitter, along with shredded frost white glitter in a clear base.

Home Sweet Home
  A brown creme polish with hints of holo and red'ish pink glitter.

Can you see the slight holo?

 Inner Glow
A nude'ish creme polish with a hint of holo.

Pond Patrol
Various colored matte hex glitters along with hot pink glitter in a green jelly base.

Twirling Upwards
Red shimmer with gold glitter of various sizes in an orange jelly base.

I apologize for the odd lighting as I am in the process of finding the right light bulb.

None the less, all of these are amazingly gorgeous. The application on all of these were great and dried very quickly. All of these were a breeze to apply and are truly a slice of heaven. This collection is really my cup of tea. They are just beautiful!

I also want to mention her outstanding service and communication. After I apply Jacquimo, I contacted her about the sinking glitter and she was aware of it and disclosed it on her Etsy shop. I believe she is in the process of fixing that. None the less, Freda is so sweet and kind and her polishes are creative and unique.

Thanks Freda for the oppotunity! I look forward to seeing more lovelies!


*These products were provided for  for my honest, unbiased review. Please see the PR Disclosure for any questions.*


  1. These polishes are quite unique, and they look really pretty. Especially Home Sweet Home caught my eye, I love the subtle holo. :D

  2. They are not really my colors because of the brow/murkiness - but they sure are interesting and look great on you!

  3. These are all pretty...and look squishy :D I like squishy jelly

  4. Home sweet Home is actually a nice color. I wanna try it one of these days, annasters!