Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Giveaway Winner Unannounced

I recently held a giveaway for accomplishing 555 followers. Some of you may be wondering why I haven't chosen or announced anyone yet. Well, I have. I actually contacted two entrants and neither one of the two responded. Now I am onto the third person and I am waiting to hear from her - hopefully to hear from her that is. 

Once things are settled and I finally find someone who responds to me, I will be sure to make the announcement.

Thanks for your patience,


  1. Oh no what a shame, I've won prizes in the past and an email didn't get through to me, I think blogger plays up a bit with email addresses. Have you announced the winner on your blog?

  2. If you have to draw a fourth time - please choose me ;)
    It's a little strange.....

  3. That's sad news... For them! Hehe! Xx

  4. Well next up you can contact me!

  5. I hope it wasn't me :( For some reason my email blocks your messages, comments on the blog included :(

  6. Hope it wasnt me cause i got no email, lol.Pick me! Been stalking everyday!