Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Twinsie Tuesday: Glass Fleck

I have had such a busy busy weekend that I forgot it was Tuesday! Now onto today's Twinsie Tuesday challenge: glass fleck.

This past weekend was my son's very first birthday on Sunday. This past weekend was filled with many productive activities. Then Sunday came around and I soon as I got home, I showered and headed straight for the bed. So that is the reason why I am so very behind this weekend!

Before we get into the pictures, I want to give a warm welcome to our other newest addition Elizabeth at Did My Nails. We are so lucky to have her on board!

So now, let's move to the pictures that you all have been waiting for!

Orly Meet Me Under The Mistletoe. Isn't that a beauty? In a way it reminds me of Zoya Ivanka.

MMUTM covered perfectly in 2 smooth coats. The first coat was a bit streaky but 2 did the trick. MMUTM has blue-green glassfleck with an emerald base. You can't quite see the blue, which is a little unfortunately but still absolutely gorgeous. Just look at that bottle shot.

Some people consider this a shimmer/glitter, but I'd say this is in the flecked family.

What do you think, shimmer or glass fleck?

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  1. I seriously had this in my hands at Sally's the other day and I put it back at the last minute. Why would I do such a thing?!! This is a STUNNING polish! I think I'm going to have to go back and pick it up today =)

  2. This is just ridiculously gorgeous! If I had to, I'd say it's both a shimmer and a fleck (flecks make it shimmer, right?). Maybe a micro-glitter too...these terms can get so confusing sometimes...but either way, it's flat out lush, and it desperately needs to be mine. ^_^

    Thank you for the warm welcome to TT!

  3. Fabulous! I love it. :) Do you have it layered over black here or is that just the base color??

  4. Oops sorry, I'm drooling over here! This is absolutely gorgeous Anna! Beautiful pics

  5. Wow, this is stunning! I've been wanting this while, so maybe I should get it eventually.

  6. First of all, happy birthday little guy!

    Second of all, this is breathtaking!

  7. Beautiful! And happy birthday to your little one!

  8. Wow, this color is amazing! I want it so bad, lol. Happy Birthday to little dude!

  9. Soooo beautiful!!! Happy birthday to your son again!

  10. I love this!!! Definitely a glass fleck to me. :D
    I hope your family had an amazing weekend, and that your son had a wonderful birthday!! :D

  11. What a gorgeous green, thee flecks in it are stunning - so lovely!!

  12. Gorgeous! And happy birthday to your babyboy!

  13. You make this polish look amazing!

  14. Happy birthday to your little man. Orly has some beautiful polishes, this is no exception.

  15. Thats a very nice green and the flecks made it prettier!

  16. Ooo, this is so pretty! Reminds me a little of CG Glittering Garland. :)

  17. When I saw the pictures, I was like OMG I need that! and then I read what it was and realized that I already own it. I haven't worn it yet, so I guess I will need to try it out soon!