Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Twinsie Tuesday: Copycat Mani

First off, I wanna wish a happy happy birthday to one of the sweet ladies from our Twinsie group: Tara! Happy birthday doll!

This weeks theme has got to me my favorites since I have joined in on the Twinsie Tuesdays. As you know already, this weeks challenge: copy cat mani.

So we were also given names from our Twinsie group and we were suppose to recreate a mani that they did. With that said, my secret copycat mani was: Maribeth!

Now this was her mani:

Image Source

And this my copycat:

I honestly feel like my mani wasn't as well executed or as cute as hers but hey, it's the effort that counts right?!

She had so many awesome manis that I wanted to copy but I choose this one because of the color combo. C'mon! Black, white and pink! It doesn't get any cuter than that! I wish I would've done a bright pink so that it would stand out like hers but I think I like the soft muted color.

Sorry Maribeth. I have totally butchered your nail art mani.

What do you think?

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  1. I don't think you give yourself enough credit; your mani is gorgeous! I also like the soft, muted color

  2. I agree, nothing gets cuter than a black, white and pink combo!

  3. Anna!! You did awesome! Yours is way better than mine ;-)I love it!

  4. Such a moosome mani LOL! This is cute.

  5. Looks awesome, love both of them!!

  6. This is adorable, Anna! You did a great job!

  7. What an awesome job!! Love this mani.

  8. Whoaaa....this is amazingly similar!

  9. This looks absolutely amazing! You did a great job!!

  10. I love it! You both did an amazing job. And thanks for the sweet wishes!

  11. These are totally adorable! Such a cute design, and you did a great job with them, Anna. ^_^

  12. Nice nails!