Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Inspired By Your Purse/Bag/Backpack

Hello lovelies.

This week's challenge was sort of bland for me as my current purse and backpack are pretty boring looking. I have used the same backpack since I was a freshman in high school. That's about 8-9 years now. Yes, crazy, but I invested a lot of money into it, so it's lasted me a very long time. So, both my purse and backpack are just a boring black, but I decided to twist it up a bit.

Sorry for the quality of the picture but I just noticed now. However, with the plain boring black, I decided to mattify it using a floss, I added glossy lines. It didn't turn out how I imagined but it looked sort of cool, kind of. Maybe next time I'll perfect this little technique or use something else.

What's your bag/purse color?

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  1. I can never get the matte/ gloss look to work on my nails either! The camera doesn't want to pick it up :P

  2. I love this look!! How have I never tried this?!

  3. I need to know more about this technique. Pretty cool looking!

  4. I like the way this mani turned out :)

  5. This looks really cool! Are you saying you used floss? Like dental floss? Interesting. I haven't see that before.

  6. These are definitely not boring, Anna, I love this look! ^_^

  7. Matte and shiny combos look so neat!

  8. I love matte and shiny nails - it's a great combo!

  9. Aw not boring at all! I love that you've used the same bag for so many years! That's pretty awesome! :D