Thursday, October 25, 2012

Smitten with Mittens

This is another hard-to-find polish that my lovely friend Carrie let me burrow and I can't even begin to tell how you much I love this one! I never cared about this polish until I polished this baby on, and now I understand why this is a hard-to-find polish. It's so pretty, seriously. I feel like I need this one to keep now.

OPI Smitten with Mittens is a deep red with tons of gold and red'ish glass flecks. Some would say that it's glitter but it's so much finer than glitter.Hopefully you are able to see that in the picture above. Smitten with Mittens is breath taking. This would make it to one of my 10 polishes of the year - or even in my top 10 list. 

Now I understand the craze about this polish. It's gorgeous. If you could ever get your hands on this, I'd say snatch it up quick! 

What a beauty right?


  1. I would keep it too,it's very pretty :-)

  2. You're so lucky you can pull off the brown-leaning reds and pinks. They look so lovely on you!

  3. Love this shade and it looks pretty on you!

  4. This is gorgeous, it would be lovely for the holidays!!

  5. I just added this too my collection a few weeks ago! I am absolutely in LOVE with it!

  6. This is nothing less than gorgeous, look at those flecks, sigh...

  7. This was one of my first OPI's! I love this polish!

    1. Me too! Too bad its not mine to keep. BOO!

  8. The is a favourite of mine! When I found and bought it last year in like a walgreens I had no clue it was HTF.