Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Twinsie Tuseday: Halloween Inspired Mani

Ever had one of those days where you meant to schedule a post for 8am, and when you went to check it the following morning, it was accidentally scheduled for 8pm. Well, today was one of those days. So I apologize! I hate when that happens, I've done this a few times already and I definitely need to double before publishing.

As you have already seen, this week's theme is inspired by Halloween, and lately I haven't had time to do any nail art but I thought this would be the perfect time to show you some of my lovely Darling Diva Polishes. All of these are evidently inspired by Halloween and are apart of her Halloween collection.


Look at the glow!


The color change in the glitter blows me away!

Saving thee best for last!
Invoke the Spirit

The best part, it glows!

I wish I would've gotten these out sooner but life has been happening, and you know how that can be.

All of these were a breeze to apply. ITS was a little girtty when I applied due to particles that glow, once I applied a topcoat, it totally smoothed out. I am in so love that I think I need a back up bottle. No seriously. If you love these as much as I do, I'd snatch them up quick!

You can also purchase Darling Diva Polishes at her Etsy shop here. All of her polishes range from $8-$12.

Well ladies, what are on your nails this Halloween?

Wanna see some more Halloween inspired manis?


  1. OMG GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! O_O!!!

  2. Ahh so stunning! I LOVE the mix of yellow and blue glitters in Aldebaran!

  3. They are really pretty both of them, thanks for sharing!

  4. These are so totally gorgeous, Anna! Seriously amazing, and that glow is just...wow. I *just* got my first order from Darling Diva in the mail today--looks like I may already need to place another!

    Augh, I get so twitchy when I schedule my posts. I just know I'm going to set it wrong, or set it right and then accidentally mess it up...I pretty much just mash the buttons and hope for the best. ;)

    Sorry life's been happening at you, Anna. Hoping you can get a break soon and some time for yourself. You deserve it!

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  6. Loving all of these, especially Invoke The Spirit (Twinsies!!). Great shot of the glow too--I couldn't manage one with my super old camera.

  7. I seriously love DDP! These are so gorgeous!

  8. Love them all! I really am digging the way the sparkle glows in Invoke the Spirit!

  9. OMG! I need those last 2, they're absolutely gorgeous!

  10. Love all three of these, now I want them, lol

  11. these are all so pretty! i'm a huge fan of the last two, they look stunning

  12. Wow, "Invoke the Spirit" is seriously impressive! What an awesome glitter...

  13. WOW! I need some of these in my life lol :)