Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Something simple, something easy

I always love a mani that I could wear anytime of the day, a mani that anyone can do!

This definitely isn't one of my best but I enjoy the simplicity of this. Plus, the color combo is fun, wouldn't you agree?

PS - I will have an update soon about my recent giveaway, stay tuned!

PPS - it's my birthday tomorrow! Any polish recommendations?! 



  1. This is a very fun mani! It reminds me of a tent for an Indian Wedding :)

  2. Happy Birthday a day early! How about OPI's Birthday Babe? Seems appropriate for a birthday. Illamasqua has a re-release of Raindrops, a pretty blue gray with shimmer that looks like raindrops on your fingertips, oh yes it does. Also by Illamasqua - Noble is gorgeous too.

  3. I love this - so elegant and beautiful!

  4. Just wanted to add, Urban Decay has the Oz palettes out now, and both Glinda and Theodora are simply wonderful kits. They both have full sized shadow pots (usually $18 each!), the cases are metal and reusable. and come with a lippy as well as the best pencil eyeliner I've found, the 24/7 eye liner! They are a steal for $49 considering the entire thing purchased separately is over $120. Urban Decay's Ammo palette is really nice too, it's priced more budget wise at $35, and has 10 of their best selling shadows in one box. Seeing as they aren't nail polish I didn't mention them in my last post, but they are must have products if you love make up! I just had to share since you asked for birthday ideas.

  5. Lol, I love how you think this is simple. Just getting two different colors on one nail is about an hours worth of aggravation for me :P