Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Polish Bar Review

Again, I am so lucky to have been able to review another indie brand, The Polish Bar.

Janice is such a sweetheart and went out of her way to send these to me. So here, I bring you 3 of her lovelies!

2 coats of Shirley

2 coats of Butterfly Kisses

2 coats of Midnight Falls

Midnight Falls has definitely got to be my favorite out of the bunch. I wish I would've used a different base instead of black so you were able to see the black glitters in the black jelly base (or maybe, I should save that for another special day?)

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised to with these and really enjoyed them. I did find it a bit hard to polish on because the brush was a bit tiny and the glitter in the suspension base was a bit sparse. But I am sure with a regular sized bottle, the application would be perfect! Despite the sub-par application, I think these are lovely and would highly recommend them. And I think I might just purchase some of her goodies for myself!

You can find The Polish Bar polishes at Janice's shop here. Most of her polishes range from $8.50 and she has got a variety of different lovely polishes!



  1. These are gorgeous! She has a lot of other awesome polishes that I have my eye on.

  2. Shirley is so perfect for Halloween!

  3. Butterfly Kisses is so pretty! I haven't tried this brand before but I really like these here :)

  4. All of these are so pretty! Can't wait to see what you layer Midnight falls over next <3

  5. These are so pretty! They look great on you! =)

  6. These really are adorable, and I love that each of them is so different from the others! Totally crushing on the bright, colourful glitter mix in Midnight Falls. :D