Thursday, March 28, 2013

Darling Diva Grumpy Bear & Love A Lot Bear

I can never seem to get enough of some lovely Darling Diva Polishes! And to make a collection out of Care Bears. Seriously? Remember when we all looked forward to waking up in the morning just to watch Care Bear?! Those were the good old days where waking up to watch cartoons actually had good cartoons!

Now, onto some lovely Care Bears!

Love A Lot Bear 2 coats
This is a pink duochrome crellyish polish with various 
sized white and holographic gold glitters with hot pink 
hearts and red holographic hearts.

 Grumpy Bear 2 coats over Sinful Colors Rainstorm
This is a periwinkle-y crelly duochrome base with various 
sized white glitters along with pink and purple hearts.

I totally forgot to watermark, but that's really not the important thing right now. 

Both of these are gorgeous and I think Love A Lot Bear and Grumpy Bear would really love these 2. I think Carrie did a great interpreting the colors for these 2 bears because these are gorgeous! Especially the duochrome, it's an amazing shift!

I really enjoyed these 2 and can't to show you the rest of this collection! But so far, I think these 2 are favorites. They're gorgeous colors with duochromes and a unique combination of glitter that would look great over all different kinds of different undies. There was a little bit of fishing required but very manageable. 

I really love all of these and would really recommend them if you love duochromes and glitters! You can purchase other Darling Diva Polishes at her Etsy shop here. Her polishes retail between $8 -$12. You can also "Like" her Facebook page to keep updated on her shop and future polishes here

Whats your favorite from the collection so far?

*These products were provided for review. 
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  1. They are beautiful, and the grumpy doesn't look grumpy at all - love the names :)

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