Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: Beach Inspired

Here in the Midwest, it hasn't been warm enough to hit the beach yet. Yeah, it's July and I have only been to the lake once. Boo! Hence the reason why I wasn't too inspired. But it's something!

Sation Board Girl Blue. That counts right? This is just a soft yellow toned blue. The application was ok because the formula was sort of runny but overall, it's definitely a gorgeous color.

Totally random but what do you call a wood that has nothing to do?

A board, a bored. HAHAHA Funny right?


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  1. That sounded just like a Laffy Taffy joke! lol. Such a pretty blue.

  2. Cute joke!! Haha. Love this blue on you.

  3. Our summer here isn't "beachy" either - but I love this Sation!

  4. Mwahaha! I love the polish and I immediately used the joke on my boyfriend! I got an exasperated sigh which is the perfect response to a joke like that. :)

  5. This looks so pretty, seriously the perfect blue for a day on the water!

  6. Great polish pick! lmao love the joke at the end! :D

  7. pretty blue and cute joke, it made me giggle.