Thursday, January 30, 2014

Darling Diva Polish D.M.S.R

*Press Sample*

D.M.S.R stands for Dance, Music, Sex, Romance. What a gorgeous polish and befitting name right? D.M.S.R. is a very soft light lavender creme base with a lot of different type of glitters; large, medium, and small purple hexagonal, medium blue, holo and purple butterfly glitters. It was very hard to capture but in real life, you are able to see very tiny micro holo glitters throughout, which just puts the cherry on top with this polish.

D.M.S.R. is really my cup of tea. Light jelly base with gorgeous glitters, I could never get enough of these type of polishes! Above shown are 3 coats. With 2 coats, it reached opacity but I love the jelly sandwiched look so I added another coat. None the less, it is gorgeous and perfect for the upcoming Spring season!

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