Friday, June 15, 2012

Color Zone

Forgive me. But I only one more class of Summer class left (which is my final) and my Summer break is officially and finally here! I can not stress how excited I am about it! So I if I haven't been replying or commenting back, I hope you understand. And if you've ever taken a Summer course, I'm sure you'd agree that they are indeed intense!

So I have recently been finding really awesome finds at Marshall's! I found a 5 pack of nail polishes by the brand Barielle for only $9.99. How awesome is that? With that said, I also purchased this 3 pack of nail polishes for only $4.99. I have never have heard of this brand, but for the price I couldn't let go it!

The colors in the photo are not accurate. They are real neons, they're much much brighter in real life. All 3 polishes reached full opacity in 2 coats and dried matte. I used 1 coat of OTD for the glossiness, matte neon would kill me! The formula was good, a bit runny but definitely something I can work with considering the price and the great pigmentation.

I especially love the blue one.

Overall, I can indeed say that this was worth my $4.99 + plus tax. This trio came in other various colors but I was only interested in this particular one since I'm not much of a neon fanatic.

What do you think of neons?


  1. They are such bright and nice colors - I really love neons at the moment!

  2. I've actually seen these before but I hadn't heard of the brand before, so I was hesitant to buy them. Thank you for swatches! They're all pretty colors.

    1. I was too but the price was a great deal. Im glad I picked it up! (=

  3. very nice set. That purple is so pretty!

  4. Wow, love these & for that price = awesome!!

  5. What a find! I've never heard of this brand but these are FANTASTIC! I'm so into the neons and these are 10x better than the CG ones in my opinion.

  6. These colors look amazing!!! Great find!

  7. These are so bright and pretty! The pink is my favorite!