Friday, June 8, 2012

Rock-On Red

My, my have I missed so many amazing blog posts due to my busy schedule. I have been so very behind lately, including commenting, posting and what not. Forgive me, once again. I usually like to do some nail art at least once a week, but you know my boss man, he loves to keep me up til 5 am. Speaking of that, it's funny story time.

So, my son who is 10 months old likes to keep me up til around 5 am. I try to get him on a regular schedule but due to my hours and my hubby's, they don't quite mesh in well together. Anyways, yes he loves to keep me up that late, or early? And so, he finally decides to sleep at some 5 in the morning. And boy, was I tired as ever (I have Summer classes 2 days a week at 9:30 am), so before I'm going to sleep, I set my alarm on my phone because I have to wake up an extra 40 minutes because I nurse. So he finally falls asleep and I'm laying in bed half asleep trying to set my alarm in my phone. For what seemed like 10 minutes, I couldn't set the alarm. I had gotten extremely frustrated because it wouldn't set for some reason. (If you have an iPhone, you know you how you can put your apps together in a folder, right. Yes. I have my apps grouped like that.) After being frustrated for 10 minutes I finally woke up and realized why I couldn't set me alarm?! I was setting the calculator the whole time. Cray cray, much?

Now onto the mani:

This is 1 coat of Orly Rock-On Red. It's a beautiful and strange red. It's not truly a red neither a pink. It sort of stands in between. The color dries a bit darker on the nails compared to what is seen in the bottle. But 1 smooth and opaque creamy coat and this will give you full coverage. I was very impressed. However, the name does not go well with the color of the polish. Does it look any sort of red to you?

What are some of you favorite reds? Or Orly polishes?


  1. lol,,,, this polish is really pretty

  2. Oh my gosh!!! That story was hilarious Anna!!! You were really tired, lolol. I hope you get some rest soon babe.

    Love the color of this polish! I agree, I see red in it, but it's definitely not a full blown red.

  3. Lol, sorry for laughing, but it was just to funny. I hope you get lots of rest soon <3 This polish is amazing!

    1. Its ok! Glad it made you laugh! (= And thanks Jenna! I def need tons of it!

  4. I wish you a long nights sleep :)
    It's a gorgeous color :)

  5. This is gorgeous! I love dusty reds like this, they're so elegant and easy to wear.

  6. Lol bless you :) mmm I like this red a lot it's so pretty

  7. Beautiful! Great minds think a like, I just posted a similar color!

  8. It's such a pretty dusty red! Gorgeous on you!