Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Twinsie Tuesday: Metallic or Duochrome?

First and foremost, I want to inform you all that I am finally back on track with my blog and ready for this summer. Blog wise that is! Yesterday was my last day of summer classes, thankfully! And I should be finding out my grade here very shortly but that's beside the point.

 So, I want to thank all of readers and welcome my new readers. I have been super busy but I am looking to do a giveaway to celebrate my 200+ followers. I know, I’m pretty behind since I have more than 200 as of right. But fret no more! Giveaway to say thanks shall be coming soon!

I'd also like to apologize as I have not been commenting. Just because I don't comment doesn't mean that I didn't take a look, so forgive me/.

So this week’s Twinsie challenge is: metallic or duochrome.

And this week for me has got to be a duochrome. You know I love me some duochrome! So I especially saved this very special polish for this very special post. I received this polish in a swap with Abbie over at AbbieNail. She's a real sweetheart so you should check her out. 

On the other hand, the United States nail polish community is truly and unfortunately deprived of Models Own. 

In some angles, you can see the maroon, red, copper and bronze. 

Look at all that beautiful-ness on that cotton ball.

This is Models Own Purple Blue from the Beetlejuice collection. Oh how I yearned for these polishes. And the sweet Abbie picked this up for me. Yes, let's face it. I'm sure and aware that you have seen this swatched a thousand and even a million some times, but how can you turn away from this beauty? 

Purple Blue is a purple-blue duochrome with pink and gold glass flecks seen as you shift your fingers around. I am amazed and in love with this. The formula was a bit runny and thin as this is 3 coats that you're looking at, and I am not much of a 3-coater person. Ok, seriously. How come someone pass up this jam packed gorgeousness? 

Can I say one more time that the US is deprived of Models Own and all other awesome international polishes? Would you agree?

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  1. Ha, so far the second MO polish for this challenge (the first I saw was Tara's)! Beautiful color!!!

    And congrats on finishing the semester! Get some rest, girly...or try to!

    1. Yay for MO! We need some here in the US! (=

      And thanks!

  2. It is gorgeous, but somehow that collection never really got under my skin - uh, it's such a relief to say that just once a while LOL

    1. For me, I think its the idea that I couldnt get my hands on it. However, I am totally in love with this!

  3. Great duochrome!! I totally agree, we are definitely deprived!

  4. This is so gorgeous! That cotton ball shot is awesome

  5. Wow, the color shift is awesome in this! You did a great job capturing it. Beautiful Anna!

  6. I love this brand so so much. And this shade is yummy!

  7. Stunning color! I saw this over the weekend for $5, but I passed on it because it looked really similar to Orly Galaxy Girl, which I have. It's still very pretty though.

  8. Wooo so pretty!!! Hahah, I totally stare at polish on cotton balls when it comes off really pretty! :D

  9. This is gorgeous on you! I'm sure you are glad to be done with school for the semester :)

  10. This is really stunning! I need to get some Models Own!

  11. This is really pretty! I love it! Never tried Model's Own before, but so far, so pretty!

  12. I own it, and love it, but I can never get tired of photos ^-^

  13. What a gorgeous color! I wish we had this over here!

  14. Soooooo pretty! I need to get some Model's Own!