Wednesday, June 27, 2012

KKCenterHk Nail Decal Strips In ANE-5012

I have another review for you from KKCenterHk today. I recently posted my first review about a different nail decal strip which you can find here.

KKCenterHk is a online based shop that provide many wonderful different cosmetic products which vary from false eyelashes, wigs and makeup products. And this is another product that they kindly sent to me.

"Brand New With Original Retail Packing Box
100% Authentic
Approx.Length : 3cm/ 30mm/ 1.1"
Water Transfer Sticker
Easy To Apply, Zero Dry Time!!
Kit Includes: 12 Nail Tip Sheets And 1 Smoothing Tool
Water Decals are Not Sticky!!"

Very basic and easy to follow instructions.

Tools needed.


I am glad to say that this time around, I have learned to apply these properly. Again, the steps were very easy to follow. After my first initial review and application, here are a few things I did differently from the first time. After taking out the strip from the water, I shook off all the excess water so that it wouldn't slide all over my nail and stay put. After applying the strip, I waited for it to dry so once I filed off the excess strip, it wouldn't slide off and give me rigid edges. With those minor changes, the application was perfection.

I do apologize for the nicked part on the ring finger. As I applied my topcoat, it pooled into my cuticles. When I tried to clean it, a small part of the nail strip got caught. However, applying a top coat truly helps the longevity of the nail strip. These strips lasted roughly a little over a week. The only minor wear is on the tips of my nails which I would say it has lasted a long time. They were also very easy to remove, as I used regular nail polish remover. One thing new that I learned is that during the application of the topcoat, if you take your time, the top coat will smooth out any lines formed from the strip (if you have a curved nail bed). Also, if you notice any curling of the nail strip, all you have to do it apply some top coat over it and it will smooth out onto your nail. 

The only other problem I had were that some of the strips were a bit small as you can see in the last photo, the strip did not cover my entire nail bed. I also, feel like this particular strip would look better on longer nails since you couldn't see the entire design on my short nails. However, again I did really enjoy this and do recommend using these.

Overall, I am very pleased with these strips. They last for a long time and would be great if you were going on vacation (or for a long time) and don't want to worry about your nails since the life of these are quite good.

KKCenterHk has a huge variety of strips which is great, except leaves you wanting so many! The instructions listed on the back of the packaging were simple to understand and very easy to apply especially now that I have learned the most efficient way of applying these.

You can purchase these strips here for $8.00 USD along with many other cool nail strips.  

You can also use the coupon code "totheshowing10" for a 10% discount off your purchase. The coupon code is god through January 31, 2013.


*This product was provided for  for my honest, unbiased review. Please see PR Disclosure for any questions.*


  1. What a cute design! I really like this, I think it looks very sweet and feminine on your short nails.

  2. It's a shame they're a bit narrow but I love how cool they look!