Monday, June 4, 2012

Forgotten Post

I feel so guilty. I have been neglecting my blog. Oh blog, forgive me. It has been a crazy hectic weekend filled with family fun, funeral, movies, dates and all the above. I also feel even worse that I had totally forgotten that I did a quest blog post for one of my Twinsie lady. Oh, forgive me. 

So now, here I am on an early Monday morning at 12 am finally posting about my guest post. I actually didn’t even remember until Sunday evening when I was surfing the net on my phone since I didn’t have enough time to look through my blog roll this weekend, then it just clicked my mind. Geez. 

I feel bad.

Anyways. I’ll just stop whining now so you can go check, check, check, check it out! What, what, what’s it all about?!

So I want to say thanks to ChiChi to giving me the opportunity to do a guest post! I am truly honored and grateful! 

Oh and don’t forget to follow her! She has an amazing blog!