Sunday, June 3, 2012

First Class

Hopefully all of you are having a great weekend! I went to the drive in theater with my family Friday night and man it was cold! Anywho, I wanted to share a picture of my boss man:

He had his own little chair. Not that he could sit much in it, but I thought he looked so darling cute! We also barbequed. While barbeque'ing my nephew who is 5 years old wanted to feed my son but I said no, then my younger nephew stated "Auntie Anna, if he eats hot dog, then he will die right?" I just giggled and explained to him that he wouldn't die but something bad could happen. Oh the little minds of little ones!

Anywho! I've got this Revlon Target exclusive for you! This was 1 smooth opaque creamy coat. First Class is a nice dusty blue. I could not believe at how opaque it is!

I'm not much of a blue polish kind of person but I have been wanting to expand my horizon, or rainbow? And this is a perfect blue. I love it against my skin tone. Look at how shiny it is. 1 coat and 1 top coat and viola! Perfection!

Do you own First Class? Or would like to own it?


  1. He is sooooo darling, he is going to be a serious charmer (well he is already LOL)
    I love this blue on you, I'm a blue/purple person - but I really think you should try more blues LOL

  2. I like this blue!

  3. Ok, he is totally adorable! This blue is amazing, btw!

  4. I totally LOVE this blue! I'm sure I have a dupe but now I really want it haha. Hilarious story about the "killer hot dog" and your son is adorable!

  5. Ooh, this is a gorgeous blue! I have been wrestling with RBL's IKB:2012... I'm pretty close to giving up and looking for a different royal blue! P.S. your son is very cute... I'm glad he did not get a killer hot dog!

  6. Super adorable cute boss man!!!! Lovely blue by the way!

  7. How adorable is he!? LOL Funny I took a picture of my Munchkin eating a hotdog yesterday LOL

    That blue is totally awesome!

  8. Wow, this blue is amazing! I wish I had time to go to Target before my flight!

    And he's so yummy!