Saturday, June 2, 2012

Gargantuan Green Grape

This one was released a while ago, I believe sometime in 2010. Correct me if I am wrong. But today I have a polish that I have seen a lot of blog wish lists:

Gargantuan Green Grape. Is that not the coolest name ever? I could never forget that cute little name! Just imagine a huge green grape being squeezed and the juices were a milky mint green creme color (as showed above). This was 3 nice and streaky coats. I must say, this is a lovely color but not one for me unfortunately. Sorry for the lobster looking hands.

So a question, where do you ladies go to find discontinued polishes? Purchasing nail polish on the internet is more sort of a last resort thing for me or unless it's a special polish. Anyways, to my point I just purchased this recently. So where do you buy all of your discontinued polishes?

So where do you buy all of your discontinued polishes?

Also, I apologize for my slacking posts here lately. I have swamped with life, school and work. But the good this is only 2 more weeks of summer classes! A 3 month semester class mashed into 6 weeks?! Somehow, I'm managing. Yay!


  1. Oh, wow! I love this color. I can understand why it is on so may wishlists...its headed for mine now, lol. Sorry you're not so pleased with it. Generally I buy stuff off the nets, because there is no chance of finding anything special around here.

  2. It is a pretty green, but also so similar to a bunch of other greens. If you can't find it you can find the dupe! :)

  3. Yikes, that sounds like some seriously intense class work--good luck with it!

    Yep, totally see why so many people have been looking for this one. I think there have probably been quite a few similar since it came out, but it's a beauty.

    (I'm still so limited in my options for finding new polishes that I can barely even think about looking for discontinued ones. Nice job scoring such a coveted one!)

  4. Beautiful! This one has totally been on my wishlist. I'm such a sucker for greens! Good luck with your classes--summer ones are always such a pain because they cover so much material but it always feels great once they're over!

  5. This is gorgeous and it looks great on you!

  6. I think this looks gorgeous on you! I don't really go looking for discontinued polishes, so I don't have any places to suggest. I mostly shop in beauty supply stores.

  7. This is a gorgeous green! I don't hunt for discontinued polishes, but I've randomly found some at TJ Maxx or Marshall's, sometimes in smaller beauty supply stores... And summer classes are the worst! They're so intense... but at least you get them over with sooner!

  8. I love this color. It's so pretty!!!!!!!!!