Thursday, February 16, 2012


Thanks to ColorSplash Nails who gave me these two LOVELY blog awards! Can I just say, I am SUPER honored (serisouly)! So here we go! PS - Check her out! She has an awesome blog as well!

First up:
One Lovely Blog Award

1. Link back to the person you got it from/awarded you.
2. Tell 7 things about yourself.
3. Give the award to 10 bloggers.

7 Things about me:
1. I can fluently speak in 2 languages (Obviously English being one of them).
2. I really want braces, but people say I don't need them.
3. I've always wanted to join the Navy, but it didn't work out.
4. I enjoy watching Glee.
5. I prefer to use forks over spoons.
6. I don't enjoy mainstream music.
7. I really enjoy going to church.

The Butterfly Award

1. Link back to the person you got it from/awarded you.
2. Answer the following questions.
3. Award other bloggers and let them know.

The questions:
What's your favorite song? Avalanche - Hillsong
What's your favorite desert? ICE CREAM!
Who's your favorite pet? I no longer have one since she disappeared.
Black or white? Mostly black.
What's your biggest fear? My son growing up too fast.
What's your best feature? My eyes.
What's your everyday attitude? What does the Lord have for me today?
What's perfection? Imperfection.
What's your guilty pleasure? Ice cream, again.

10 people I have awarded:

Thanks so much again ColorSplash Nails for awarding me! I am so honored and grateful!You can't even imagine!

I hope you enjoyed this!


  1. Thanks so much for the award. I'm super thrilled!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Glad you enjoyed it! (= I felt the same way too when I was awarded!

  2. Hi. I'm following you now. Thanks for the award!

    1. (= Your welcome! Looking forward to your award post!

  3. You are so very welcome!! =) Enjoy every minute with your son~ they grow up really fast! >.<

    1. I know. )= He is growing up way too fast already. It breaks my heart!