Sunday, February 12, 2012

Horrible Cuticles

It’s winter here and my cuticles are driving me nuts. What’s your secret? My cuticles are so nasty and dried out it makes me very sad. I always lotion them before I go to sleep but when I wake and start my day, they look like poo. As you can evidently see in the picture below they look… It just makes me not want to look at them. So if you would so kindly share your secrets and techniques, I would really appreciate them!

On the other hand, I tried out a mani that looked so cool! It was on her blog just a few days ago. So I thought I would try it myself. Thanks ColorSplash Nails for sharing this awesome technique!

Mind sharing your beautiful cuticle secrets?


  1. These turned out awesome, Anna! I love watercoloring~ I'm so glad you did these. ^.^ As far as dry cuticles, I'm no expert, but I use California Mango oil from Sally's and I put lotion on every time I wash my hands...mine still get dry, though. They always need lots of TLC. >.< Great job on the mani, hon.

  2. Thanks to you sharing the awesome technique! I really enjoyed this on my nails. It looked super cool! (= But I know. My cuticles are FAR from perfect unfortunately. Hopefully they wont be so dry once summer rolls around! Thanks again!