Sunday, February 26, 2012

Half Matte Glitter Bomb

Just messing around some more with the matte. I'm sure if you can tell if the glitter is supposed to eventually fade down the nails but my nails are so short you really can't tell. I did it on a fake longer nail and it looked absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately that wasn't my case. However, I really liked the way it turned out. Sort of feathered. My sister said she really didn't like the matte black part that was close to the base of my nail because it looks like I colored it what a sharpie. I took a second look, now I'm not diggin' the matte black so much anymore. I sort of have to agree unfortunately. But what do you think?

It was really hard to get a clean crisp line with the glitter as I am sure would be able to imagine why. It didn't turn out exactly perfect but it's definitely fun to look at. Can you tell the ends of my nail were glossy not matte? I hope so. In this mani, I used Milani Black Magic with China Glaze Lorelei for the glitter then Elf Matte Nail Polish Finisher at the base of the nail. Lastly, I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend so far! Only one more day and we're back to Monday, sadly. Oh! One thing, for the first time ever I franken'ed my very own polishes. It was so much fun! A lot of thought and creativity! I can't wait to share!

Do you think matte black nails look like a Sharpie mani?


  1. I don't think it looks sharpie-like, but then the picture's not the greatest for showing the matte/shine contrast. I can only really see it on your thumb. On the main fingers in the picture, it just looks a little darker on the tips than the base. Times like this, you have to drop the image in your mind and decide whether you like the results, regardless of what you were going for. :) And the result is a pretty glitter-bomb that makes me think of snowcones. :)

    1. Right I see what youre saying. It is hard to tell the difference. However, I enjoyed looking at it. (= And snowcones... Yum. I can really go for one of those right now!