Thursday, February 23, 2012

True or False?

I just wanted to share this with you because sometimes I have this problem. So I'd say definitely true for me.

(Pictured from Pinterest)
Does this happen to you as well?


  1. god yes! but i tell u my problem... ring finger and pinky on right hand! for some reason i always screw those up! x

  2. Oh, definitely. Liberal use of clean-up products on my right hand. Also, I'm learning how to do nail art on plastic so I can transfer it to my right hand for those days I want more complicated designs that require a steady hand. My Valentine's Day manicure used homemade decal hearts on both hands.

    (It's at if you're interested.)

  3. Hahaha sooo true! I love this! I'm getting some plastic nail wheels specifically so I can practice with my left hand. Sigh, the downfalls of handedness. Why can't we all just be ambidextrous anyway?

  4. lol I feel your pain, I kind of dread painting my right hand.

  5. Good to know Im not the only one! LOL =D