Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Old Polish: Angry Birds

This design was done a while ago. I actually was inspired to do it because a friend of mine had Angry Birds on her nails. I was a little hesitant because I honestly didn’t care much for Angry Birds, but I was like, what the hey. Why not?! So it took roughly an hour to get all my nails done. And strangely for the first time ever, the nails on my right hand looked much neater than my left hand. After that, I really enjoyed this mani and received a lot of compliments. So, here it is: 

I wasn’t going to do this mani just because I don’t care for Angry Birds, as I stated above but it was fun and a real challenge. I am glad I did.

Do you play Angry Birds? Would you do you your nails like this?


  1. LOL, I love Angry Birds! This came out great!

  2. Cute, cute, CUTE! I don't play the game, but I LOVE the mani. =)

  3. OMG I LOVE this!! my boys are HUGE Angry Birds fans (I'm not gonna lie, I am too) so I may have to try my hand at this just because I know they'd get a kick out of seeing all their favorite birds on mommy's nails...

    1. Let me know how it goes!! (= Would love to see it! Good luck!