Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mini PRO FX Haul

Have any of you used this brand before? I bought the base coat a while ago on a whim since it was on clearance not thinking much about it since it was a few dollars. When I got the chance to try it, my polish no joke lasted for 2 weeks, no chip. I was seriously amazed!

I sometimes don't use this just because it the polish lasts forever and I don't want my mani to last that long, but when I know I won't have the chance to do my nails for a while, this one is a lifesaver! The bottle says epoxy bond base coat, DBP and toluene free. It's 1 fluid ounce. Totally worth the purchase considering the awesome job performance.

When I went shopping the other day I saw a few other products of the same brand and wanted to try them out to see how they worked. I haven't tried it yet but I am very anxious.

I purchased the cuticle remover, top coat and cuticle oil. You can find this brand at Wal Mart for less than $7 dollars I believe. You get about a good 2.5 fluid ounce for the cuticle oil and top coat. That's a lot, compared to a regular .5 ounce top coat for $11-13 (Seche Vite and Voila).

Have you heard or tried this brand before? If not, would you like to try it?


  1. dang, I'll need to pick up that base coat!! I have the top coat but haven't had the chance to try it yet. let us know how it works!!

    1. You should definitely check out the base coat. Its one of the best that I have ever used! Lmk if you purchase it and how it works for you!