Friday, February 17, 2012

Comparison Dupe: Zoya and Sinful Colors

If you don’t know, I recently just purchased my first few bottles of Sinful Colors because Walgreens is having an awesome deal where they're only $.99, so check it out!! And so, I have heard (haven’t googled it or looked up) the rumor that Sinful Colors Kissy is very close to Zoya’s Charla. At first without looking at Charla, I thought: “no way could they look closely a like.” Then I went to the store, purchased it and sure enough when I compared the two, they were pretty close. I could definitely say dupe for this one.

 Zoya Charla
 Sinful Colors Kissy
 The results
Index & ring: SC Kissy
Middle & pinky: Zoya Charla

I could not believe it. Dupe for sure, in my opinion. From a far, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference but if you look closely at it, Kissy is a tiny bit darker than Charla, hence the fact that Kissy looks like it has a slightly darker base. I felt like the application for this one was a little goopy. I don't think you can see, but at the tips of my nails, they're a little clumped. Since this is my first time trying out Sinful Colors, I am not sure if it it was the specific polish or whatever it may be. Zoya is definitely more shiny on the nails and applied beautifully and easily. No complaints. With that said, the fact that Kissy was only for $.99 and Charla for about $8, I would recommend Kissy besides the fact it applied a little goopy. However, I still very fond of Charla.

Which one would you rather purchase?


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