Sunday, April 1, 2012


It's Sunday and the week is going to start all over again. unfortunately. At least we got some sun today!

So I have this mani for you today that really reminds me of another polish I own. I didn't realize it until I bought it or actually until I painted it on my nails.

I hope you're able to see how the color transitions from an almost olive green to the purple. Even though there are only tiny hints visible, I hope you can still see it.

It's definitely a very beautiful color but it really reminds me of Essence Where Is The Party? except the duochrome in this isn't as strong. The polish is actually rather sheer. I used one coat Zoya Dannii, then one coat of Ulta Jaded and topped it off with Out The Door. While I was in Ulta browsing about the polishes, this looked so much prettier on the rack than it does on my nails. Considering this is $6 something dollars, and the Essence Where Is The Party? you'd get a stronger duochrome with the Essence polish for only $2 something bucks! However, it's still pretty. Though I could've purchased an OPI or Zoya for only a couple bucks more. What the who. Hope you like this one!

By the way, Happy April Fools! No jokes for me today.

Ok. Sorry one last thing! *SPOILERS THE HUNGER GAMES*
So I finally watched The Hunger Games, and let me tell you, I CAN WATCH IT AGAIN! It was really good. Others may disagree (like my husband, he said it's not nearly as good as Twilight). During the Reaping day, I started crying already! And when Rue died, ugh. I'm such an emotional person when I watch movies and it just came flooding down! My husband always sort of giggles at me and tells me "Don't worry, it's only a movie! It's fake!" However I cried and really enjoyed the movie. But for all you readers of this awesome trilogy, where is the District 13 coming from? I think they said a few times but did I miss it? What's this thing with Prim and their mom? I think their father died in a coal mining explosion? I think that's it.

Hope you had a great weekend! Mine was way too short.


  1. Oooh, pretty! I love this shade on you. It's nice enough to warrant having a dupe :)

  2. amazing post :)
    I really love this color!

  3. Beautiful duochrome, it does look like Where is the Party, but I agree with Sarah, it's so pretty it's worth having two!

  4. Wow. Your nails look gorgeous. Love the olive color on nails. :) Thank you for following me, by the way, and giving me a warm welcome to the iPhone family. :D I followed your blog too and look forward to coming back soon. Take care. :)