Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wing Zero

Happy Saturday!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day! Hopefully today is just as bright. Well, today I bring you another franken! My husband helped me name all of my franken polishes (so thanks husband, I know you'll be reading this sometime soon). Hopefully you're not getting bored of my frankens.

My husband said that this reminded of space, that's how he came up with Wing Zero - I think it's a pretty awesome name.  Anywho, I wish I was able to capture the true beauty of this polish in pictures. But I think this is so beautiful! It has purple/blue/gold/pink shimmers with slightly larger glitters. Just so beautiful. I think this turned out great. I wish I did a regular black base coat. Once I applied the 2 coat, the larger glitters sort of got lost. However, I am still enjoying this.

What do you think?


  1. This looks so pretty Anna!! Great job!

  2. This is pretty, I love all the shimmer in it!

  3. What a lovely polish! And I think your husband came up with an awesome name--that's so cute he helps you name them!

    1. LOL Yeah, hes really good at that. He names all of my frankens actually. Thanks! (=

  4. Wow it looks so pretty and the name is awesome!

    I have given you some awards on my blog by the way and a 11 questions tag :) go to my blog for the details.

    Linzi xx

  5. That is an awesome franken!