Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend Mini Haul

This weekend seemed like it went by way too fast. How sad.

First off, I'm sort of sad because I didn't have time to do any Easter nails. So happy belated Easter to those celebrate the day that Jesus rose from death to life. Maybe next year I'll have something special! In the mean time, I have a tiny haul to share with you all.

My total for 3 Revlon lip butters, 1 EOS lip blam and a Revlon polish came up to be only $15.27. I actually went to Ulta because they were have an awesome sale for Revlon, Almay and Physicians Forlmula and look at this awesome deal! Good deal you think?

I am super excited that I spotted the LE Wet n Wild collections! I can't tell you how lucky I felt considering the fact that the Midwest barely ever gets anything. Anywho, I only purchased the Fauna collection because I felt like the colors were more wearable. Then I finally found Downtown Browns! I never thought I was ever going to get my hands on these, but I'm glad I did. This palette has such beautiful purple and browns. This is definitely a palette worth investing. Unfortunately, unlike regular WnW 8 pan palettes are $4.99, all of the Black Radiance 8 pan palettes are $6.99. Bummer, however WnW has great pigmention considering the price. Well, I hope you can get your hands on these!

Did you buy anything over the weekend?


  1. I love those WnW sets they are such good value!

  2. Ahh, I haven't been to Ulta in forever! I must go now! That's a great deal, and I LOVE all the things you got :D

  3. Ooh Ooh Ooh, Cherry Tart and Berry Smoothie! I have those! :P I love the Lip Butters, I'm kind of addicted... That 8 pan palette looks gorgeous, I'm going to have to try to hunt it down! I don't know of ANYWHERE near me that carries Black Radiance, though... So sad!